YouTuber Arrested After Uploading Video of Him Attempting 180 MPH in a Mustang

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Screenshot: Jussa XLT (YouTube)

Beau Alan Rogel of Rankin County, Mississippi has a habit of livestreaming his activities on YouTube. One recent stream of his showed him attempt and claim to hit 180 mph on public roads in his 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350before getting pulled over by the cops.

In the video of the act, which you can still watch here, the cops didn’t end up arresting or ticketing Rogel on the spot. However, he was later arrested for traffic violations and driving like a fucking moron after leaving the video up on YouTube, according to WSAZ.

In a followup video,Rogel claims a “troll” watching his livestream called the police on him,which inevitably got him in trouble. In that same video he tries to claim the person really hurt by the troll’s actions, somehow ignoring his own reckless activity, was a woman named Christina Ann Rogel,who police also arrested.

The cops weren’t interested in the Rogels only for the Darwin Award livestream though, as they also discovered Facebook posts displaying numerous weapons, some of which Beau Rogel appeared to be trying to sell or trade, according to WSAZ.

He was previously convicted on embezzlement charges from 2009and sentenced to six years in jail, and now the police used his recent social media posts of weapons to charge him with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, as well as the reckless driving charge.They also seized his GT350 to collect drive data from the car.


Christina Rogel received a $2,000 bond and Beau a $20,000 bond, and he will face the Rankin County Grand Juryfor his felony charges.

Sometimes I get mad at something I see on Twitter and think, “Oh man, I am too online.” And then I read stories about people like Beau Rogel and realize it’s possibly to be even more problematically online, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.

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