Zach Ertz is an Eagle, and Jason Kelce is a blonde

Looking sharp, you two.

Looking sharp, you two.
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There were dozens of rumors involving Julie Ertz’s husband during the 2021 NFL offseason. There was a time where if you’d asked 50 random people on the street where they thought three-time Pro Bowl tight end Zach Ertz was going to play next season, you would’ve gotten fifteen different answers. What ended up happening was the most boring outcome. Zach Ertz stayed in Philadelphia as the backup tight end to Dallas Goedert.


However, that personnel decision by Howie Roseman had major implications on the head of Jason Kelce.

Eagles center Jason Kelce, a 33-year old, four-time Pro Bowler and fully bearded mountain man had to turn his hair into 1990s Lance Bass. I mean, he still looks better than his brother Travis after he shaved his beard. That’s just my opinion. So, why is Jason Kelce rocking a Hannah Montana getup? Well, it’s because he had a bet that Ertz would not be on the Eagles by Week 1 of the NFL season.

“I’m glad I lost,” Kelce said of the bet.

I would be too. While Ertz did not play up to his expensive contract in 2020 — recording just 335 receiving yards and one touchdown in 11 games played — he’s proven himself to be a reliable option for Philadelphia’s quarterbacks and an invaluable locker room presence. He played a pivotal role in the Eagles’ 2018 Super Bowl run, and was, at one time, arguably the best tight end in the NFL.

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Ertz didn’t play terribly in his first game of 2021 either. During the team’s Week 1 win against the Atlanta Falcons, Ertz caught both of his targets for 34 yards and played 58 percent of the snaps. While those numbers aren’t what we’re used to seeing from back in Mr. Ertz’s heyday, they represent a more than capable performance from a backup tight end, which is exactly the role Ertz is being asked to fill in 2021.

Ertz is not the same tight end he was just a few years ago. He’s lost a step, and has been an alarmingly poor run-blocker since 2017. However, perhaps with a restructured contract and a new head coach, Ertz can crank out a couple more years of playing time in the NFL.


So, yes Mr. Kelce, wear your Guy Fieri-style frosted tips with pride! Zach Ertz is still an Eagle, and everyone should be happy about that, including the team’s latest towhead.

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