5 Mobile games you need to play right now!

I’ve been playing a bunch of games I think you might really like. All of these are cross platform, too, while in the demo I used an Android device iOS users shouldn’t fret. The only thing on this list you can’t get (unless you’ve jailbroken) is an emulator.

Magic: Puzzle Quest

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a huge Magic: The Gathering nerd. I’ve been playing since I was about 13; it’s a huge part of my life. I also happen to love the Puzzle Quest series of games. What do you think would happen if some brilliant human made a Magic themed mobile Puzzle Quest game? My life would spiral out of control is what.

I can’t put Magic: Puzzle Quest down. Yes, it’s free to play. Yes, you can put money into it. Yes, they want you to. But, the mechanics are really fun, respectful of the source material, and it’s not so grindy that you don’t want to play without putting money into it. I’ve gotten hours of fun out of it already, so I might just throw a few bucks in anyway. Absolutely worth a look if you’re into puzzle and matching games.

Dark Echo

If you’re more into more chill experiences, Dark Echo might be for you. It’s a simple top down game that takes place in pitch black. The only visible part of you is your feet. You can’t see anything in the room from walls to obstacles. Only the echo of your footsteps will help you light your way. All you need to do is get out, but that does prove tough when you’re working with limited sight. It’s visually stimulating, and it really must be played with headphones on. The difficulty ramps up pretty quickly, so it’s a good fun challenge.

Pocket Mortys

When I shot the video for this, I hadn’t played Pocket Mortys yet. I knew it was coming out, and I was excited about it, so I decided to try it out. Luckily, it didn’t let me down. It’s free to play, but you don’t encounter any paid elements until a good few hours in. It’s a great and really fun homage to Pokémon for mobile. Plus, if you’re a fan of the show you will love the voice acting. To be real with you, I’d rather just pay a few bucks for an honest-to-goodness Pokémon game, but this should tide me over until Pokémon Go! comes out and I’m throwing my phone at people on the street.


Spaceteam is the ultimate icebreaker and party game. It’s totally free, cross platform, and it’s an absolute blast to play with friends. Open up Spaceteam on your device, make sure you’re on the same network with up to 3 friends, and jump on the ship. This game is all about communication. Each player has a control panel with different components. As directions pop up on the screen, players need to give that direction to whomever has the component, or execute the command themselves. As mandates get missed, the ship starts to fall apart. The difficulty ramp is near-perfect, and you’ll find yourself screaming and laughing in no time. Trust me on this one. Go download Spaceteam. Next time you’re in line for food or tickets or bored on a Saturday night at the bar, pull it out and be the hero your friends deserve.

Super Retro

Finally, the only Android-specific recommendation on this list. This is doable on an iOS device, but only if you’re jailbroken. Android devices, on the other hand, can run your favorite emulator no problem. My favorite is Super Retro. It’s $3.99 and that gets you everything from multiplayer support to autosaving and versioning. It’s the best way to relive your favorite old titles on the cheap. With a Bluetooth controller, you’re set to rock through A Link To The Past, Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy III, Illusion of Gaia, and more. With a second controller, you can even get in on the two player action. It’s such a great investment of four dollars. Just make sure you own the game for whatever ROM you download!

These are just a few of the games I have on my device. I’ll absolutely be back with more content like this, too. Let me know what games you’d like me to try!

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