Apple TV gets an awesome free news streaming app

Apple’s plans for a live TV streaming service may be on hold, but one company is offering a pretty sweet alternative for watching the news on your Apple TV. Watchup launched its set-top box app this week, offering a customizable mix of news for free.

Watchup pulls its videos from 160 different media firms. That includes big brands like PBS, CNN, CBS and Fox News, along with local news stations across the country. It also offers videos from popular online publishers.

The app’s best feature may be the option to customize what you see. You can pick what kind of news you want to see based on topics, and fine tune the selection by “liking or disliking” specific videos. It almost sounds like Pandora for the news.

“Personalization is the future of TV news, and Watchup for Apple TV fulfills that promise with custom made newscasts, a seamless user experience and an unparalleled breadth of content,” said founder and CEO Adriano Farano.

You can grab Watchup for Apple TV now from the App Store. It also available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV and the Xbox 360, with plans to add Chromecast support next.

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