A Dune Buggy With More Power Than A Bugatti Veyron Is Terror Incarnate

A Dune Buggy With More Power Than A Bugatti Veyron Is Terror Incarnate

If “the fastest-ever car to drive the Glamis Sand Dunes” doesn’t mean anything to you, we’ll break it down: This 1600 horsepower two-seat death-sled simply cannot stop flying.

Glamis is just a big patch of sand in Southern California. Except, you’re allowed to drive on it. And by “drive” I mean do pretty much whatever you want with whatever vehicles you can dream up.


That makes it a Mecca for crusty, tattooed rednecks with a need for speed and money to turn into noise. My people.

When TheRidersChannel(TRC)went down to check out an event called“Horsepower Wars” on New Years Day, they caught Racer Engineering’s unreasonably quick sand rail in action. The company builds off-road racing vehicles for Baja and other places people like to see if they can survive driving way too fast.


TRC says the twin-turbo small block Chevy mounted behind the passengers on this thing is barfing out 1,600 horsepower. That’s more than a Bugatti Veyron! Such a comparison doesn’t make any kind of sense, but still. The truck I raced the 2015 Baja 1000 in had 200 horsepower; a pathetic fraction of this sand rail’s output. And all this thing does is play around in the sandbox!

With nothing to propel but a few fat tires, a chromoly cage and an aluminum body you can see just what kind of craziness that much energy can get you into.

And yes, that’s off-road racing legend BJ Baldwin you’re seeing at about 02:30 in, later calling it “the fastest thing he’s ever experienced.”

Apparently this rig is now for sale at $170,000. Lots of money for a toy, but then again it’s the best bargain on wheels if you’re all about that dollars-to-horsepower ratio!


Images/Video via The Riders Channel

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