A Ferrari 458-Swapped Toyota GT86 Has The Most Beastly Exhaust Rumble Ever

Screencap via Donut Media

Ryan Tuerck fired up his project car to end all project cars tonight: a Toyota GT86 with a Ferrari 458 engine mounted up front. With a ton of custom parts and clever modifications making it work, we couldn’t wait to hear this one, either. Fortunately, the wait is over. Listen to the glorious noise.

Drifter and engine-swapping madman Ryan Tuerck debuted the car’s fantastic noise live on Facebook, and naturally, his project car was a bit behind schedule. There’s plenty for him to talk about in the meantime, so you get a full tour of the car while folks finish up the last few items it needs to fire. (Fast forward to 25 minutes in if you want to skip to the start-up procedure.)


Once it finally fired up—well, how did you think it was going to sound? Honestly, I thought it would sound like beasts picking fights with other beasts and I was right. It shoots wonderful fireballs, too. There’s no way this wasn’t going to turn out rad.

Of course, here’s a lovely build video of those loud header pipes that help it sound so amazing going into the car.


Everything about this project still rules. Next stop: finish it all up and destroy some tires.

Of Course It Was Going To Sound Awesome

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