A White Sox pitcher is struggling to gain weight despite eating food that makes most Americans fat

Chris SaleDavid Banks/Getty

White Sox ace Chris Sale has a weight problem. He just can’t seem to gain any.

The 6’6″ southpaw entered spring training weighing in at 190 pounds, up ten pounds from the prior spring. Among his goals for the preseason is to join the 200 club. So far, Sale finds himself in an enviable position: a steady diet of cheeseburgers, pizza, steaks and tacos hasn’t done the trick.

“I don’t think he’ll ever see 200. I don’t think he’ll ever see 195,” White Sox lead-off man Adam Eaton told “And he’s eating whatever he wants to come across his plate. I don’t know, he’s been blessed.”

Here’s how Sale describes his eating habits (from

Pizza, but Sale admits that’s “junk food.” At his house, he thrives on cheeseburgers, steaks and tacos.

“We don’t miss many taco nights,” said Sale. “My wife makes phenomenal tacos. So I would say steak, cheeseburgers and taco night.”

Somewhere, Tom Brady and his dietitian are shaking their heads disapprovingly.

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