Aaron Rodgers makes another incredible, game-saving Hail Mary to force overtime

rodgers tdNBC/Streamable

Aaron Rodgers did it again.

With the Packers down 20-13 to the Cardinals and the season on the line, Rodgers threw another Hail Mary touchdown to send the game into overtime.

More impressively, he did it while falling down, throwing to a receiver he’s hardly ever played with this season in Jeff Janis.

Rodgers bombed it over 50 yards in the air and saved the day!

Another angle:

This throw also followed an incredible throw from Rodgers on fourth-and-20, from the Packers’ end zone, when he hit Janis for a 50-yard gain to keep the game alive.

Despite the Cardinals winning it in overtime, the Packers never would have been there without Rodgers’ superhero performance.

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