All Of The Updates We Know About The Tesla Model 3

All Of The Updates We Know About The Tesla Model 3
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It’s been a week since Tesla unveiled the Model 3 to the world, and CEO Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to update us on everything from reservation count to styling changes.…

Nobody predicted the rapid rate at which Tesla managed to snag reservations for its Model 3. Almost half of the $1,000 deposits, which Musk confirmed to be at over 325,000 on Twitter this morning, were put down before anyone even saw the car.


Beyond frequent order count updates, Musk has revealed quite a lot about the Model 3 since its debut.

We already covered that the interior we saw in our test ride at the Model 3 launch event still has some secrets yet to be revealed, and we complained about the tiny trunk opening on the car instead of a Model S-style hatchback.


Well Musk must have heard us, because one of the updates he revealed this week was that the trunk space opening will be revised before the Model 3 begins deliveries, which are promised to start late next year. (Also mentioned again here and here.)…

Musk was also casually open to suggestions on altering the front styling of the car, with many people left uncomfortable with the abrupt awkward flat face of what is otherwise a very clean, Porsche-inspired design. He also tweeted out that the end-goal for the Model 3’s drag coefficient is 0.21.


He also promised that the AWD model performance will be much faster by the time the car reaches production, which is easy to say when nobody is really sure how fast the pre-production model is.

Other random nuggets that the Tesla CEO shared with his followers include confirmations that someone 6’5″ would have no issues with leg room, and fans of the other Tesla models’ “vegan” interiors will rejoice at the option being available on the Model 3 as well.

All Tesla models will also be updated with a software update to provide drivers with the status of local Supercharger stations, displaying how packed or empty a location is. Musk tweeted that we should also expect Superchargers in Mexico and all of Ireland and Italy this year.

So! If you have any questions about the Model 3 that haven’t been answered by the reveal, us, or here, feel free to hit Elon up on Twitter. He seems pretty chatty.

One last Model 3 update:…

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