iPhone SE review: A classic I never stopped loving

Coming from a larger phone, I often forgot I even had the iPhone SE on me—that’s how small of a footprint it has. It’s the kind of device that slips into your pocket and disappears, which I consider a huge plus. I like not constantly feeling like I have a phone in my pocket, or needing two hands just to send off a quick text message.

People are genuinely upset at Apple for recycling the iPhone 5’s design, but I don’t mind. Yes, it’s old, but it still holds up. And to people who are getting their very first iPhone, it’s probably new to them, so why be mad? We certainly would have preferred to see something all-new, but in the grand scheme of things, the iPhone SE design still has its appeal. Besides, the biggest changes have been made internally.

Buoyed by an A9 chip and 2GB of RAM, the iPhone SE screams, finally proving that small products don’t mean compromise. Coming from an iPhone 6, I didn’t notice a huge difference in speed, but you can tell the SE is very light on its feet. From opening apps to playing games, the device is small but powerful, capable of handling any task you throw its way. It’s nimble and quick and never feels like it’s second-rate.

Speaking of which, you’d think that going down in size would negatively affect battery life, but that’s not the case. In fact, battery life was excellent over the seven days I used the device, often lasting me through an entire day and into the next; I didn’t feel tethered to an outlet despite the device’s smaller size.

Note: The unit Jon used had horrific battery life during his testing. According to his device’s Battery Usage screen, the camera app had been the biggest drain, even on days when he barely used it. Meanwhile, I used my camera quite a bit and drain on battery was minimal. Jon said he tried restoring the device’s software and things still didn’t improve.

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