Apple Just Called Dibs On A Few Car-Related Domain Names

Apple Just Called Dibs On A Few Car-Related Domain Names

Apple and the auto industry. It’s long been a rumor that we’ll see it happen eventually, and it we may just be getting closer to that day—in December, the company registered several car-related website domain names for itself.

Reuters reports the new domain names that Apple, Inc. claimed dibs on include, and, according to domain-information provider With all of the talk about Apple expanding from personal devices to daily drivers, it’s not a big surprise.

The company made some big hires from the auto industry in the last year or so, leading to speculation about the potential for an Apple car and what it may look like. Apple’s “Project Titan” came around as well, and reports surfaced about an electric model by the year 2020.


Then, there’s potential for ride-sharing services and the like. The undisclosed work done with Project Titan included an estimated 200 employees at its inception, but we still aren’t sure what to expect from it. Autonomous, electric cars in personal garages, a dial-up ride service or something else? Who knows.


The domain names could always be related to a possible expansion of Apple’s new “CarPlay” technology, which the company promptly blocked Volkswagen from showing off at CES last week. Or it could be a just-in-case move by Apple, ensuring ownership of the domains if future endeavors ever warrant them.

Whatever Apple has up its sleeve for the car industry—if it has anything—we’re probably not going to know about it until the company wants us to. But, at least we can take solace in the fact that Apple knows how to prevent the problem of overhyping and underperforming.

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