Apple MacBook said to sport morphing E Ink keyboards in 2018

Last week, we learned that Apple had its eyes on a small company named Sonder that develops special E Ink keyboards. A report on Wednesday says Apple plans to ditch traditional keyboards and will use the special morphing E Ink solution from Sonder in new MacBook computers.

The Wall Street Journal said Apple plans to use the keyboards, which will allow it to sell computers in any market without swapping out the keys on the keyboard to meet local needs. Sonder’s technology uses E Ink, which allows the lettering on the keys to switch on the fly. Paired with support in macOS, Apple will be able to have the keys do anything an end-user programs them to do. The Wall Street Journal said the new keyboards would ship standard.

A morphing MacBook

We’re expecting Apple to unveil new MacBooks as soon as October 27 when it’s reportedly going to host a special event for the unveil. The new MacBook Pro is expected to offer a special OLED bar above the keyboard, which shows Apple is definitely rethinking how we interact with our computers.

2018 is still a ways off for the rumored E Ink keyboard, but it would allow Apple to sell fewer computers all over the world, instead of selling different models with special keyboards in markets that don’t use the standard QWERTY layout.

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