Austin Reaves is confused



Lakers rookie Austin Reaves is making professional basketball look relatable — by being visibly very confused about whatever scheme LeBron James was attempting to communicate to him during last night’s game against the Brooklyn Nets.


The Lakers got a major win last night, beating Brooklyn 106-96, but Reaves was the talk of the town (the town, of course, being NBA Twitter) the morning after the game. In a clip that’s making the rounds online, James appears to be explaining some sort of defensive scheme, pointing and gesturing around the court while talking to Reaves, and the rookie’s face is absolutely hilarious.

Reaves’ bewildered expression got caught on camera and is cracking people up all over Twitter this morning — here are a couple highlights from the feed.

James has been in the league for nearly two decades and is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, if not the greatest (controversial debate there that I’m not going to get into). Obviously, with that experience comes a great deal of high-level understanding and in-depth analysis of the game. What’s going through his head on the court is definitely not the same as what’s going through a rookie’s head — which is sort of the beauty of the sport. Also, as someone who is Reaves’ age, I have to imagine it’s surreal for him to be on the court with James, who has been in the league nearly as long as Reaves has been on this planet.


Reaves came off the bench for 25 minutes in last night’s victory over the Nets, who were playing without stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. James led the Lakers’ scoring with 33 points to bring Los Angeles to a .500 record for the season. Anthony Davis also returned after missing 17 games with an MCL sprain, and his presence on the court could be turning things around for an underperforming Lakers team sitting right around the middle of the Western Conference standings.

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