Batman v Superman—Check out this cool Batcave concept art

In the recent trailers for Batman v Superman, it’s revealed that Wayne Manor, the abode of Bruce Wayne, is in a terrible state of disrepair. We don’t know why that is, or how it reached such squalid conditions, but it doesn’t appear to be a place where Bruce Wayne would want to take home a hot date. Instead, it sounds like the playboy billionaire would rather hang out in his Batcave, which is described as modern and full of the latest technology.

Although we’ve seen glimpses of the Batcave before, new concept art from Entertainment Weekly gives us a better idea of where Ben Affleck’s Batman spends his time. There’s even an image of him and Aflred looking at a series of monitors—maybe in an attempt to track down Superman?

What’s cool about the concept art is the very deliberate colors of the different rooms; the blue and red palette gives off a very distinct Superman vibe, which may mirror Batman’s obsession with the superhero. Whatever the case, it’s a fun look the architecture and design of the new Batcave, which features quite a bit of glass.

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