Batman v Superman to feature another major DC villain

Following the most recent Batman v Superman trailer, many people were upset the footage seemingly spoiled the entire movie. You had a conflict, an epic showdown, and a plot twist with the introduction of Doomsday. Why see the movie when it comes out in March when you can just watch the trailer and fill in the gaps with your imagination? Well, it turns out there are still plenty of secrets director Zack Snyder is keeping close to his chest, one of which is revealed below.

Note that there are potential spoilers ahead.

According to Latino Review, Batman v Superman will also feature another classic Superman villain: Bizarro. That’s right, the fictional supervillain who is described as a “mirror image” of Superman, albeit an evil and grotesque version. The character is created by Lex Luthor in a bid to destroy Superman, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

With Luthor performing experiments on the corpse of General Zod, it’s likely Luthor will use the same technology to create his Superman clone. How he achieves this remains unclear, though it could have something to do with Batman’s “Do you bleed?” question. If Luthor gets his hands on Superman’s blood, well, you know what happens next.

Latino Review doesn’t reveal how large of a role Bizarro will have, but suggests he could be used to set up the first Justice League movie. That could mean Bizarro will be saved for some sort of tag scene at the end of Batman v Superman, or he could appear during the film’s Third Act once the trio of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman dispose of Doomsday.

There are already supposed “reviews” of Batman v Superman popping up in some corners of the Internet, though Bizarro’s name hasn’t been mentioned much. Either these early screenings didn’t happen, or Bizarro’s appearance does indeed happen during an end-credits scene.

We’ll find out the truth when Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25.

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