Berserk screenshots and trailer – First look at the Koei Tecmo Musou game

At E3 2016, Koei Tecmo and its prolific action studio Omega Force confirmed that the popular Berserk anime series would be the next intellectual property to be given the “musou” treatment. You might recognize this series by the likes of Hyrule Warriors or Dragon Quest Heroes in recent memory if the “musou” name does not ring a bell.

That means a whole lot of cheap action, pitting one ultimate fighter against countless mobs of trash and throwaway losers. I’ve grown a little tired of the formula over the years, but the whole point is recycling it and bringing aboard new fans of various anime, video games, and films.

Berserk just happens to be the latest series to fill in that crack, and at least it looks like it plays the part well. Guts looks fabulous, better than he has ever looked in a video game before, and we also get a glimpse at Griffith, the noble betrayer.

Man, it’s been nearly 15 years since I last watched this anime. How do I remember these names?

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