Beware The Joyriding Mechanic – The Podcast

Beware The Joyriding Mechanic - The Podcast

We’ve all seen the videos of mechanics taking cars for joyrides. And we’ve heard about it on the news too. But what are the legal ramifications – or remedies? Here’s the podcast answer to your questions.

Joyriding has been going on ever since the first car’s inventor left his car unattended for the first time. Or so I assume.

I wrote about a joyride of a client’s car here and that got a few heads shaking. I even worked at a gas station once where a CO-WORKER (NOT ME!) took a classic car for a joyride (but did not get caught).


The questions arise: How illegal is this? Could someone go to jail? Can you sue someone for this? The answer are “kind of,” “yes,” and “yes.” But if you want the narrative form – with full sentences and such, here is the audio:


And the video:

The pic at the top is of my latest book. According to Amazon, the book is coming out tomorrow. And yes, it is a hardcover. Take that, Mr. Cochrane (my high school English teacher who thought I was illiterate)!

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