Beyond stock iOS: Five apps to replace those soon-to-be removed stock apps

The day of removing stock iOS apps has arrived. The much-pleaded request has finally been answered by Apple with the introduction of iOS 10, and you can now remove (not delete) those unwanted stock apps like Tips and Stocks. Apple’s offerings aren’t necessarily bad, I actually enjoy the stock Mail app, but if you don’t, there’s myriad of replacement apps for those who want to go in a different direction.

We found four apps that could replace the stock iOS apps (or keyboard) that are great alternatives and offer added functionality. If you’re looking for a replacement to the Camera or Podcast, these apps might be just what you’re looking for.

Check out the video above and let us know if there are any other apps you use that could replace the stock iOS apps.

Gboard – free (link)

In case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t hear of Google’s amazing iPhone keyboard, it’s called Gboard. It incorporates Google search, GIFs, searchable Emojis and swipe texting into a jack-of-all-trades keyboard that does everything you need in one location.

Ticktick – free (link)

Ticktick is a cross-platform to-do list and tasks app that features a great calendar view, itemizes your tasks into checklists and is customizable with vibrant color options.

Airmail – free (link)

Airmail is an email app that can be customized and is loaded with features to enhance your workflow. From two-finger swipe to next message to read receipts with the ability to track emails when they’re read, it can do essentially anything you could want from an email app.

Overcast – free (link)

Overcast is a podcast app that not only features an intuitive UI but it also boasts features like Smart Speed, which fills in the gaps between silences and customizable options without any distortion.

Camera+ – $2.99 (link)

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