Bravely Second’s demo is ten hours long, trailer spells out how to have fun in it

Bravely Default had a spectacular demo, one of the best and most convincing of all time if my memory serves me correctly. It provided a unique adventure not present in the main game, an introduction to our new heroes, a brief glimpse into the game’s job system, secret ultra boss battles, and, most importantly, incentive to carry over items and experience into the main game.

Even if Bravely Default was a bad game, which it totally isn’t, Square Enix would have still succeeded in creating a brilliant three hour JRPG.

And now comes the chance to follow up big! Square Enix and Nintendo are providing a monstrous amount of free content through the demo of Bravely Second: End Layer. At ten hours long, the demo is longer than most full releases nowadays, and it has even earned the right to score its own sub-title, Bravely Second: Ballad of the Three Cavaliers. The publishing pair have released a new trailer for the European fans who are already playing it, explaining everything that they can toy with and experiment with in the demo.

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