Buffalo Bills player says he showed up to workouts out of shape because he overate to make his pregnant fiancé happy

karlos williamsKarlos Williams wasn’t going to just watch his fiancé eat by herself.Bill Wippert/AP

Buffalo Bills running back Karlos Williams drew the ire of head coach Rex Ryan for showing up to offseason workouts several pounds overweight.

According to ESPN’s Mike Rodak, Williams was pulled off the field during workouts and moved to a stationary bike.

Ryan later told reporters he doesn’t think it’s “going to be easy” to get Williams into shape.

It’s not unusual for players to show up out of shape, but it is unusual for them be so honest about the reason why. When asked by reporters if an injury was holding him back (often the reason for being out of shape) Williams said the “injury of pregnancy” held him back.

Williams then explained that over this offseason, he wasn’t getting into football shape because he was often eating with his pregnant fiancé (via Rodak).

“It definitely is a first, but I like to eat and then her being pregnant gave me an excuse to eat, so eating anything and everything. She’d wake up, one or two o’clock, ‘I want a snack.’ Well, I’m not going to sit here and watch you eat because I don’t want you to feel bad. But it’s back to football. She’s getting back to working out herself, so kind of motivating each other, feed off each other’s energy, and we’re getting ready for camp.”

Ryan said they can’t push Williams too hard to drop too much weight and then risk him getting injured, but he noted that Williams isn’t “anywhere close” to where he needs to be to play well.

Perhaps Ryan wasn’t happy with Williams, but it sounds like Williams did a good job of appeasing his fiancé.

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