Captain America: Civil War TV spot asks you to pick a side

Marvel on Sunday released a new TV spot for Captain America: Civil War, further emphasizing the fractured relationship between the Avengers team.

If you saw the first Civil War trailer, you will have already seen who was on which side. Today’s TV spot gives us a better look at the dueling teams, along with some brief new footage of Winter Soldier doing some not-so-nice things to Iron Man. (Is that Ant-Man I see?)

A few things that stand out:

  • United we stand, united we fall.
  • Iron Man’s wrist gauntlet.
  • Black Panther on Iron Man’s side.
  • Our first look at Ant-Man with the Avengers team.
  • Winter Soldier trying to shoot Iron Man.
  • War Machine in bad shape.

Which side are you on?

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