Car Vandal Brought To Justice By Unfortunate Man Bun

For some, man buns are an expression of freedom and individuality. They are purposeful things, meant to celebrate life and all its choices. This is not one of those times.


The good people of Pittsburgh’s South Side have had an awful vandal problem lately. Someone had been damaging the side mirrors of their cars parked on the street.

Police have charged Isaac Gettleman, 22, with 36 counts of criminal mischief, reports Pittsburgh’s Action News 4. Surveillance images and video recordings were able to grab footage of the suspect jumping on wing mirrors and kicking cars. He wore a distinguishing man bun.


The man bun is allegedly what helped people identify who was vandalizing their cars, writes AP. Gettleman actually lives in the neighborhood he is accused of vandalizing—which, like, dude, don’t shit where you eat?

Quoting a statement from Action News 4, AP then wrote, in an act of unmatched savagery:

…fellow resident Erin Catalina [wondered], “What motivates someone to do that, I have no idea.” She was referring to the vandalism, not Gettleman’s hair style.

He is facing a preliminary hearing, set for Jan. 18.

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