Charles Barkley says Michael Jordan used to wager ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ on rounds of golf

charles barkley michael jordanJohn Swart/AP

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are two of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA and also two of the most notorious gamblers.

Jordan’s taste for gambling is particularly well-known, from jaunts to Atlantic City the night before a playoff game, to wagering tons of money on the golf course.

On Thursday, on Dan Patrick’s show, Barkley gave a little insight into how much Jordan used to place on rounds of golf.

“We’d be playing golf with certain people, and we’d be playing a couple hundred dollars a hole,” Barkley said. “And he’d be playing some guy for, like, a $100,000.”

Barkley continued, saying Jordan would interrupt Barkley’s turns to concentrate on his own wagers.

“He’s like, ‘Charles, pick that up,'” Barkley said, imitating Jordan. “I’m like, ‘This putt is for $200.’ ‘Pick that up, Charles, get out of my way. You’re in my line.’

“I’d say, ‘Well, how much is that putt for?’ He’d say, ‘$300,000.’ I’d say, ‘Let me get out of your line.'”

“It was crazy, man,” Barkley said. “They’d be playing for like hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was crazy.”

“Let’s be real,” Barkley added. “He’s got so much money, a couple hundred thousand dollars ain’t a lot to him.”

Barkley later said he had to slow down his own gambling habits after he became focused on winning a million every time he gambled. Even with his own extreme gambling habits, it sounds like he couldn’t keep up with Jordan.

Watch the video below:

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