Collectors Rejoice: Porsche Reissued All Of Its Period-Correct Owner’s Manuals

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There are few aches in this world quite as poignant as an empty glovebox in a new-to-you car. While not the most compelling literature, they’re basically the heart and soul of you car, and it’s a real downer when you don’t have it (or when your greasy fingerprints have finally rubbed out all the text). Porsche feels your pain. And it’s decided to reissue every single one of its owner’s manuals for purchase.

For you interested Porsche-loving souls, the manuals are available at the Porsche Classic Online Shop under Technical Literature.

More than 700 of Porsche’s original driver’s manuals are now back in production. You can find manuals all the way back to the 356—which is, frankly, pretty great. Warranty, service information, and model-variant-specific info are also all back in print, too.

There look to be some slight variations in manual availability between the US shop linked above and the German shop (there are more 356 model manuals in German than in English, for example)—but there aren’t a ton.

Prices range from $70 to just over $150 depending on the model, but it’ll be well worth it tor those of you who have been prowling the depths of the Internet for your car’s owner’s manual in decent condition.

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