Comment Of The Day: FleekSwag Edition

Comment Of The Day: FleekSwag Edition

The Ford EcoSport might be coming to America. I regularly see these things running around Texas with Mexican plates, and I can tell you we have exactly nothing to be excited about.

Besides, as reader Aldairion points out, the name alone is deeply uninspired.

“EcoSport” has the be the dullest, laziest, lamest name for a vehicle; a mashup of two contrived marketing buzzwords applied to another entry in the oversaturated crossover market, neither of which say anything about the vehicle.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much.

Aldairion added, what if other automakers were this lazy?


Imagine if other companies named their cars similarly.

Audi DynamicTech

Alfa Romeo Passionista

Lincoln Prestige Elite (that is probably an actual trim package somewhere)

Scion FleekSwag

Come back to me, I swear I can do better

Nah man, you’ve done well enough.

Speaking of Scion, I’m in the New York mothership for some stuff, and there is indeed a giant box of Scion mix CDs like I asked for. You people are nuts and amazing. We’re gonna do something cool with them.


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