Cuisinart’s Soft Serve Machine Actually Makes Soft Serve

The typical home use soft serve ice cream maker produces the functional equivalent of slightly melted regular ice cream, but Cuisinart’s is the real deal.

While the Cuisinart has topping dispensers and a cone holder, it’s a very simple device. A mixer rotates inside a stainless steel bowl (that you do need to keep in the freezer prior to use), and you pull down on the lever when you’re ready for ice cream. It’s also easy to clean.

The texture is surprisingly close to that of something you might buy at Dairy Queen, and you can adjust ingredient ratios and mixing time to dial it in, while experimenting with whatever flavors you like. Most importantly, the consistency is ideal for root beer floats, which you can throw together with the help of your SodaStream and some syrup.

Our favorite coffee syrup is amazing drizzled over Cuisinart soft serve, and you can also make your own affogatos with the help of your Aeropress or Nespresso.

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