Deadpool sequel enlists John Wick director

The messy breakup between Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller won’t spell the demise of Deadpool on the big screen after all.

According to Variety, John Wick director David Leitch has been enlisted by Fox to helm Deadpool 2, which will see the Merc With a Mouth return for more chimichangas.

Miller was originally set to direct the sequel but ended up leaving the project because of creative differences. Apparently, Miller wanted to make a more stylized movie, while Reynolds wanted to stick to what made the first film so successful.

Both Miller and Reynolds played a big role in making Deadpool a reality but the fact of the matter is, that movie wouldn’t be what it is without Reynolds, who was born to play the foul-mouthed character.

Expect more of the same from the sequel

20th Century Fox reportedly sided with Reynolds, in part because he starred in the film but also because his raunchier approach costs a lot less money. Making a more stylized version would have allegedly added a significant amount to the budget.

Either way, enlisting David Leitch is a good move. He already proved he has an eye for action and world-building in John Wick, so he brings a lot to the table. It will be fun to see how he leaves his stamp on the upcoming sequel.

Deadpool 2 is expected to begin filming early next year, with a release date not yet set.

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