Don’t Be The Dick That Drives Around In An Igloo Like This

Don't Be The Dick That Drives Around In An Igloo Like This

Canadian police pulled over and fined some poor old bastard for driving around in a car so completely covered in snow I’m not even sure what make or model it is. Please, please do not leave your driveway without being able to see.

Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro owners can ignore that advice, because what choice do they have amirite?!


But everybody else caught like this by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will get slapped with “about a $110 (CND)” fine according to the agency’s surprisingly good-humored Twitter account.

Don't Be The Dick That Drives Around In An Igloo Like This

The sad part of this story is that the driver told the OPP officer he was “too weak to clear the snow” according to CTV News. This guy still should not have driven, but I do feel bad for an elderly person who’s just trying to get around a rural community.


Apparently the officer on-scene actually knew the guy and was kind enough to help push the rest of the snow off the vehicle, but wasn’t letting him off without a ticket.

Do society a favor and push the snow off your windshield (and hood and trunk and roof) before venturing onto the roads this winter. If a piece doesn’t break off and fly into someone’s face, you might plow into something you don’t even see.

Muscley arms aren’t what they used to be? Then maybe now’s the time buy one of those cool extendable scrapers or find some neighborhood kids to bribe.

And hey; anyone figure out what kind of car that is yet?

Hat tip to Bob! Images via Ontario Provincial Police, CTV News

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