Every Video Of The Supercharged Kawasaki H2 Should Involve Wheelies, Giggling, And Tears

Every Video Of The Supercharged Kawasaki H2 Should Involve Wheelies, Giggling, And Tears

A lot of magazines and sites are getting into video reviews, but few of them do much to share what it’s like to actually ride the bike. Well, except for my buddy Loz over at Gizmag. Loz talks mostly about trying not to soil himself.

I normally don’t love sharing other websites’ moto content, but everyone once in a while someone comes along and does something that everyone should see. This falls squarely into that category.


If Loz’s name sounds familiar, he reached Lindsay Lohan levels of fame with this seven-tone fart symphony, which was the number one video in the world – for one whole day. Yes folks, this is the work of a genius.

Watch and enjoy, and know that Loz’s acts of bravery/stupidity have convinced me to stay off the H2 until I can get it on the track. Because I like shitting myself far less than my good friend Loz.


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