Fallout Shelter is the most played Fallout game in history

Each and every Fallout game has been a critical success, and they are all beloved by their dedicated fanbase. Which do you think is the most popular? Fallout 2? Fallout: New Vegas? The recent mega-hit Fallout 4?

Nope! If we’re going by the numbers here, then Bethesda’s Lead Designer Todd Howard has just confirmed at DICE 2016 that, far and away, the mobile game Fallout Shelter is the most played game in the franchise with over 4 billion sessions since last summer.

“I think the last stat was 4 billion sessions, making it the most played Fallout game of any Fallout games combined. We wanted to do something smaller that wasn’t this big three or four year thing and it exploded.

It brought in an audience you’d never expect.”

Maybe the fact that it was free has something to do with that. However, who can blame it? Bethesda’s little gem proved to be both a critical success with Fallout fans and welcomed in a whole new audience who had never played a Fallout game before. I believe it did its job quite nicely.

Now I just wish I could play it. I’m still region-locked out.

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