Film Fondue: One more huge plot twist coming to HBO’s Game of Thrones

Still recovering from that big Game of Thrones moment from episode 5? Well, there’s another big reveal on the way, so start preparing yourself now. In addition to that, we have trailers, news items, rumors, and a report about Warner Bros. possibly spinning off Suicide Squad with standalone movies for characters such as Captain Boomerang and Joker. Sounds plausible, but first let’s see if Suicide Squad is even any good.

Spoilers are ahead

Westworld premiere date

After a series of misfires, HBO has finally revealed Westworld will premiere in late 2016, not 2017 as many had feared. The science fiction thriller is based on the 1973 film of the same name and features Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden and many other big Hollywood actors. Images via HBO [Medium]

True Detective Season 3 ain’t happening

Speaking of HBO, insiders at the company say a third season of True Detective isn’t happening. No official word has come down the pipeline, so it’s unclear what HBO plans to do. Apparently True Detective Nic Pizzolatto will instead move on to creating a new project. Images via HBO [HollywoodReporter]

Captain America a hydra agent?!

Earlier this week, Marvel unleashed Captain America: Steve Rogers No. 1, which contained a massive new plot twist. Turns out, America’s number one hero is actually a Hydra agent. Boy, I can’t wait to see what Issue 2 reveals. [EW]

Suicide Squad spinoffs

In addition to Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn getting a spinoff, a new report claims Warner Bros. wants to explore opportunities with other characters, too. That includes Jared Leto’s Joker, Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomberang, and maybe even Will Smith’s Deadshot. [WeGotThisCovered]

The Fast and the Furious coming back to theaters

To honor the movie’s 15th anniversary, The Fast and the Furious will have a limited theatrical run on June 22. Can’t believe it’s already been 15 years! Check out the movie’s trailer above.

Revenge of the Jedi

Before it hit theaters as Return of the Jedi, the movie was known as Revenge of the Jedi. Want proof? Here’s an early teaser of the movie before its title was changed.

Game of Thrones

According to showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, Game of Thrones fans can still expect one huge twist. Could it be the fabled R+L=J theory that fans have been talking about for the past several months? Images via HBO [EW]

Morgan trailer

Kate Mara meets a sinister robot who has gone beyond the control of humans. It looks like a darker take on Ex Machina.

Independence Day: Resurgence extended trailer

There are big trailers, and then there are BIG trailers. For whatever reason, a new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence has been released, and it clocks in at almost five minutes. If you weren’t convinced by now that Resurgence is going to be this summer’s most extravagant blockbuster, watch the video above immediately.

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