For $7,900, This 1995 Range Rover Country Is A Mean Green Luxo-Leaning Machine

For $7,900, This 1995 Range Rover County Is A Mean Green Luxo-Leaning Machine

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Range Rover is painted British Racing Green. I think it looks good in that color, but will this venerable Brit of questionable rep require too much of your green?

Have you ever seen those “As Seen on TV” products? They’re supposed to be revolutionary, promising things like never spilling an egg again or suffering a projectile shart while doing the Chakrāsana during yoga. If they’re so great though, why do they need the enticement of “but wait, there’s more!” to sell them? I know, right? I think it might just be some kind of a scam.

Yesterday’s 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster wasn’t a scam, as proven by its 55% Nice Price win. It also came with a bunch of “but wait, there’s more!” parts, but those were probably things you might actually want, and not be disappointed by their inclusion.


Can you think of a car maker who set high expectations for their product, and then typically disappointed its patrons through a woeful lack of quality and durability down the road – and I mean literally down the road, with things failing right after driving off the lot?

For $7,900, This 1995 Range Rover County Is A Mean Green Luxo-Leaning Machine

If you said Jaguar, Lotus, Chrysler, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, or Great Wall Motor Co, then give yourself a hearty pat on the back. The marque that I was looking for however, was Land Rover. That venerable British car maker released their Range Rover wagon in the U.S. in 1987. They positioned it as a luxury AWD wagon and the hair-shirt equivalent of a stately Jaguar sedan. And it was priced accordingly.


Of course as we all know, those original Range Rovers gained a terrible reputation here for their poor-quality materials and lack of a non-Buick engine. They were – and are – plagued with electrical gremlins, Di-a-bo-lick-al mechanical failures, and general ability to suck your wallet – and perhaps your neighbors’ wallets dry – like they are government contractors.

For $7,900, This 1995 Range Rover County Is A Mean Green Luxo-Leaning Machine

Despite all that – and the 11-mpg around town – I still kind of want one.

The thing of it is, if anyone were to want to grab up a used Range Rover then you’d damn-well will want to get the best one you can, and not some clapped out fright pig that’s sketchier than a hooker who tells you those sores on her mouth are just shave pimples from getting rid of her ‘stache.

This 1995 Range Rover County LWB (Long Wheel Base) looks to be a sturdy survivor, and in fact, unlike in most ads for these cars, this one has pics of the green beauty moving under its own power. Uphill! And, it’s not on fire or anything either!

For $7,900, This 1995 Range Rover County Is A Mean Green Luxo-Leaning Machine

The seller notes that these trucks went for a cool $52,500 when new. I’d counter that point by noting that Lindsay Lohan probably wasn’t a cheap date either back when she wasn’t whiskey barreled, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t go dutch with her now.

What does matter is the overall condition of this truck at present, and that seems to be… pretty good.

The ad says that it spent most of its 164,800 mile life in the mild climes of Arizona and Tennessee before making its way up to the Bee Hive State. That makes the claim of no rust plausible, but it’s a plus that there also aren’t any other major bodywork boogers present like missing trim or door handles falling off – which they do.

For $7,900, This 1995 Range Rover County Is A Mean Green Luxo-Leaning Machine

The interior is likewise pretty nice, and this being a ’95 has the later dash with airbags and a more car-like feel. This one also has a pair of cup holders on the wide center console that look like they could hold some serious cups of joe.

There are some boogers here: the driver’s seat looks to have lost a knife fight; the heaters under the seats apparently don’t work; and neither does the cruise control or the positioned on the passenger seat. The rear window defroster and wiper also only show up for work sporadically.

For $7,900, This 1995 Range Rover County Is A Mean Green Luxo-Leaning Machine

On the plus side, the ad notes that a lot of new parts have been installed as part of “recent service.” Notable among those are new wheel bearings, crank seals on the engine, a tailgate frame, and a sweet headliner. Perhaps most importantly of all, the air suspension has been given the heave-ho, and replaced by steel coils. Pip-pip to that bowl of Cheerios.

The asking price on this RR is $7,900 and yes, I know that these things are all over the board when it comes to price. The thing of it is, these are still in the managing to keep them on the road era, not the need to completely restore them age. That means finding one that’s well kitted and in good shape is imperative if you want to share in the classic Range Rover vibe.

This one appears to be just such ride.

What’s your take on this BRG LWB and the $7,900 in U.S. green that it takes to own? Is that a deal? Or, is this a Range Rover priced to stay at home on someone else’s range?

You decide!

Salt Lake City Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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