Get a lifetime of protection with PureVPN – now 88% off

With so many VPN providers on the scene, shoppers for VPN service don’t just look at price. Joining up with a vast worldwide network of servers and multiple device connectivity are big considerations when figuring out who to trust with shepherding and safeguarding your online activity. PureVPN gets top marks from PCMag for its “impressive” server selection and host of other unique features. Now, you can get that – AND a good deal – by picking up a lifetime subscription to PureVPN’s top-flight service for just $69, a whopping 88% off its regular price.

With PureVPN, you’ll have access to one of the largest self-managed VPN networks around, sporting over 550 server nodes in 141 countries…so you’ll also have fast, reliable service anywhere you go.

Another major selling point for PureVPN is allowing up to 5 devices on the network at once, topping the 1 to 3 devices allowed by most VPN providers. If you’re part of a big family – or just if you happen to have a LOT of devices yourself, then you already know the hassle of having too many connections battling for a spot on the network.

Of course, PureVPN’s biggest calling card is its commitment to your security and privacy online. Between their proprietary software and self-engineered network, PureVPN use no third-party systems, ensuring you get unlimited bandwidth and fully encrypted protection with no threat of your information falling into the wrong hands.

And you’ve got this protection for life…so your one-time $69 price ultimately works out to only a couple of dollars a year over the life of your service. You can pick it up now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

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