Get a lifetime of ZenMate VPN protection – for just $49

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It doesn’t get more vital than online protection and VPNs are one of the most stable, foolproof means of securing your identity and safeguarding your critical information while you surf the web.

ZenMate VPN has emerged as one of the most popular VPN options on the market because it not only protects you from online evildoers and snoops, but it provides that coverage across all your devices. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to ZenMate VPN’s premium service for just $49, a massive 94% discount on its regular price.

So what helped land ZenMate a prestigious Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup company of 2014? Top notch security, which allows you to browse without fear of cyberthieves or malicious websites stealing your data or manipulating your browser. ZenMate offers a safe IP address, fast speeds and fully encryption for all your online activity whether you’re on your home network or logging in through public Wi-Fi.

With ZenMate’s downloadable browser extension, you can also easily change your viewing location, instantly unblocking geo-locked content around the world.

With this last chance offer, your full online lifetime protection will also only cost literally pennies a day. Usually, lifelong access to ZenMate’s services would cost $840, so at 94% off, get it now for a fraction of the price.

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