Google’s Chrome hits staggering landmark on mobile

Google on Wednesday revealed there are 1 billion active Chrome users on mobile each month, a staggering number that’s only increasing. In fact, Google said back in November that Chrome for Android and iOS had surpassed 800 million monthly users, highlighting just how popular its browser is on mobile.

The figure is a nice feather in Chrome’s cap, which recently hit version 50. Along with the 1 billion figure, Google also shared some other statistics highlighting just how much of a powerhouse Chrome is on mobile.

  • 771 billion pages loaded each month
  • 500 billion characters not typed each month thanks to search autocomplete
  • 2 million gigabytes less of data used each month thanks to Chrome’s data-saving features
  • 3.6 billion webpages translated automatically each month
  • 9.1 billion forms and passwords automatically filled each month
  • 145 million times that users are protected form malicious pages each month thanks to Chrome’s smart warnings
  • $2.5 million in rewards offered to the security research community to strengthen Chrome

It’s unclear how the number breakdown between iOS and Android, but that’s probably not very important to Google’s bottom line. The main thing is that over a billion people are using Chrome for mobile every day, which means a lot of people are using search.

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