Google’s latest robot is kind of adorable

We’re used to seeing the words “Google” and “robot” quickly followed by “creepy” or “terrifying,” but the company may be bucking that trend with its latest model.

Created by Schaft, a Japanese robotics firm owned by Google parent company Alphabet, this unnamed robot is capable of balancing itself while walking. That makes sense since the design is basically just two robot legs connected by a tiny torso. A quick demo video uploaded to YouTube shows the robot climbing stairs and carrying up to 60KG (132 pounds) of weight.

It can also handle a variety of terrains, including a forest and a rocky beach. The robot even manages to catch itself after slipping on a metal rod placed in its path.

This small robot definitely isn’t as impressive as some of the larger creations from Boston Dynamics, another Google-owned firm that’s reportedly up for sale. But Schaft’s model is also a lot less intimating as well. It’s more Wall-E and lessSentinels from The Matrix.

There’s no word on what Alphabet plans to do with its latest robot, but we hope to get another look soon. In the meantime take a closer look in the gallery below.

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