Here Are The Most Underrated Off-Roaders

The Lada Niva. Lada sits just above Yugo on the “respected brands” totem pole, but the Niva is a tough little fucker that was built for people whose idea of a road barely qualifies as most Americans idea of a trail, so when they say “off road” they really mean it. With excellent approach, departure and breakover angles, diff locks as standard, narrow tires, light weight and a body that you DGAF about scratching and neither does it, it’ll get you where you need to go; it just won’t have any fripperies still attached and working when it gets there. But that’s ok, it hardly had any to start with – you can genuinely hose out the interior of one of these.

The 2021 model (yes, they still make them) just won the Compact 4×4 of the Year award from Russia’s Club 4×4 magazine, and with an unbiased recommendation like that, well, the mic is dropped…

Best of all, what other 4×4 offers you camo paint and a snowplough attachment as factory options on the civilian model?

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