Here’s a Good Look at How All-Electric Race Cars Work

Formula E is the most exciting race series that you’ve barely heard of. It’s much like Formula One, but driven in all-electric vehicles on street circuits completely free of random rules and politicking. If you want to know more about how the cars work, this video is a great primer.

At the heart of the series is an open-cockpit, all-electric car. At heart, it’s not all that different to how a Tesla works, or an RC car for that matter. A (standardized) battery drives a simple electric motor, which powers the wheels.

For now, Formula E doesn’t have the name recognition or TV deals that Formula One has, but it’s still vitally important. Not only does it make for fantastic racing, but logic dictates that if teams are competing to make their electric cars the fastest, they might just stumble across something that improves road-legal electric cars.



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