Here’s An Engine Running With Half Its Cylinders Exposed

There are few better ways to learn about how certain car parts work than to actually watch them function, but some parts are hard to see. So here’s a video showing the innards of one bank of cylinders as the other does all the heavy lifting.

I know absolutely zero about this video other than what’s apparent in the video and what’s written in the title.

The title says “Motor running without heads,” but clearly that title meant to say “head” (singular). Either that, or this thing is being turned over by a lightning-quick starter motor that sounds like an internal combustion engine, and the random person’s arm in the video is just pushing a throttle linkage for fun.


Either way, seeing the guts of this old flathead engine—the pistons and valves going up and down—is a thing of beauty.


What I want to know is why exactly this person has a bunch of engines on what looks like a flatbed trailer. What is this guy up to?

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