Yet another Amazing Katamari trademark appears, this time in Japan

Katamari Damacy - 7

Na naaa, nananananana-na, not gonna appear at E3! Fans were waiting for something on the recently trademarked Amazing Katamari throughout the entire convention this past week, but Bandai Namco did not deliver any news.

However, just today, a filing for the same trademark has popped up, and this time it appears in Bandai Namco’s home country of Japan. Amazing Katamari is now officially registered in two regions, North America not being one of them.

No platform is mentioned in the trademark, but it was filed on June 14, just before the start of E3 2016. Fans are hoping for a full blown PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sequel to the original. Can you imagine what Bandai Namco could do with the series using this massively powerful consoles?

Can you fathom the size of my Kamatari?!

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