Here’s Every Random Bit Of Fast And Furious Bullshit You Could Ever Hope To Learn

The eighth fucking Fast & Furious franchise movie, The Fate of the Furious, is hitting theaters next week, so here’s a bunch of random trivia stuff about a movie series beginning with street racing and then somehow evolving into a group of spies torpedoing a submarine on a glacier.


I have not seen the seventh installment of this wild-ass franchise, I have to admit. I get that it was the last one with Paul Walker and there was some sort of scene with a car skipping through skyscrapers AND it made over a billion dollars, but honestly I haven’t felt like I’ve missed out.

Anyway, here’s a ton of random facts about this godforsaken franchise from the CineFix YouTube channel over the last two years:

Some of the highlights might be:


  • The opening sequence from the first The Fast and the Furious was lifted from 1939’s Stagecoach.
  • The Rock’s stunt double is his cousin. Always.
  • Furious six was originally supposed to be two movies, which is why way too much shit happens at the end of it.
  • Cars have to land upside down. They just gotta.
  • Dom’s totalled Charger from the first movie is unfortunately in Herbie: Fully Loaded.
  • Kurt Russell was almost Halle Berry.
  • The Rock watches his older self playing college football in Furious 7.
  • Five of the six F&F suquels line up with the X-Men sequels. I want to see Quicksilver take some pink slips in Fast and Furious 9.
  • Vin Diesel got the rights to Riddick in an agreement for him to show up at the very end of Tokyo Drift. Still debatable if this was a good move for all parties involved.

There you go. Talk about that while you’re in line for tickets next weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll be joining you—my budget for bullshit has a pretty tight cutoff and fucking internet-of-things-zombie-car-waves and ice-skating sub-fighting Lamborghinis is so deep beyond that I may skip this one, too.

Don’t think about it too much

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