Here’s the most important thing to wear when it’s snowing and style truly doesn’t matter

Guy in a parkaGetty/Spencer PlattLike this, only when it’s snowing really hard.

It’s important for guys to have their priorities straight.

And when it’s a blizzard outside, those priorities are simple: warmth first, and style way down the list.

Your first priority when it’s snowing outside should always be to bundle up, first and foremost. Damn the fact that your warmest gloves and hat don’t match, damn the fact that your wool coat is more stylish than your parka, and damn the fact that your snow boots are a bit clunky.

You need to stay warm! It’s time to break out your Arctic-rated parka if you’re braving the storm, and you just can’t care what anyone else thinks.

More to the point, they won’t really care, either — they’ll be too busy hurrying around, trying to not catch frostbite, just like you.

The best way to combat blizzard conditions is to have a warm and trusty down parka. These jackets aren’t necessarily about looking good. You just need to stay as warm as possible.

All the best brands like Canada Goose, The North Face, and Patagonia make fantastic parkas that will keep you warm anywhere south of the Arctic Circle.

parkasPatagonia and The North Face

Left: Patagonia Men’s Stormdrift Parka ($449), Right: The North Face Mount Logan Parka ($400)

Now you know why we called it a winter essential.

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