How to trick your kids into going to sleep on New Year’s Eve using Netflix

Want to go out and party on New Year’s Eve? Want to make sure your kids still get a good night’s sleep? No problem, have your babysitter head over to Netflix, and your kids will think it’s 2016 without knowing the wiser.

Netflix created and launched several New Year’s Eve Countdown specials featuring characters from Care Bears, Inspector Gadget, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, King Julien Project Mc2 and Puffin Rock, all of which feature a fictional countdown to the new year, none of which needs to actually occur at midnight. Want your kids in bed by 9? Change the clocks around the house, hit play on Netflix and, boom, the new year arrives early, all thanks to the help of Netflix.

Each episode is super quick, about two minutes or so, and simply offers a 10 second countdown toward 2016. In the case of the Inspector Gadget episode, fireworks launch at the end, after a brief chase. There’s really nothing that entertaining, so don’t plan on using these to keep your kids occupied.

You can find the episodes by simply searching “New Year’s Eve” in Netflix. Maybe I’ll try to trick myself, I could use a good sleep before CES next week.

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