I attended one of the coldest NFL playoff games in history and this is how I stayed warm

then we could sit pretty comfortably but once the game started we never really sat down againJustin Maiman

The temperature at kickoff was -6 at Sunday’s much-hyped Vikings-Seahawks game, the third-coldest NFL playoff game ever. That’s pretty cold for an outdoor event, even by Midwest standards. Still, 50,000 fans braved the cold. I was one of them.

I flew out from New York to go to the game with my brother-in-law Chris and nephew Ian, both Twin Cities-based Vikings fans. Lucky for me, Chris was ready for game day with seat cushions, blankets and boxes of “Little Hotties” hand warmers.

Meanwhile, it was Ian’s first football game ever. And what a first time! Thanks to the dramatic and terrible ending AND the cold, he’ll remember this for a long time.

Here’s what the whole experience was like beginning to end.

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