If you own Skyrim and all DLC on PC, the special edition unlocks for free – Here’s when

Just like the BioShock remaster that launched recently, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be a free upgrade for current owners on PC. That comes with a caveat. You need to own all DLC, too.

It warrants repeating. If you have the game in your Steam library along with all DLC, the remaster will arrive as part of a free update.

When will this go live?

Skyrim Special Edition will be available for purchase at its global release time of 12am UTC on Friday, October 28. Region-specific unlock times include:

  • 5pm Pacific Time (October 27)
  • 8pm Eastern Time (October 27)
  • 1am British Summer Time (October 28)
  • ]2am Central European Summer Time (October 28)
  • 11am Australian Eastern Time Zone (October 28)
  • 1pm New Zealand Time (October 28th)

Should you buy all the Skyrim DLC before the remaster unlocks?

If you want this remaster for free, you’ll need to own the base Skyrim as well as the DLC. That includes Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. Hearthfire sells for $4.99, while the others sell for $19.99.

If you don’t own the game at all? There’s a bundle that includes everything for $39.61.

The Skyrim remaster will sell for $59.99 at launch. If you’re considering it, you should buy the DLC before the game unlocks in order to get it for free. It’s cheaper this way. Or, you could wait for a sale on the remaster down the line.

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