Juicero aims to make juicing cleaner and easier, is super pricey

You know who’s pumped about the Juicero? My wife. You know who’s going to be really bummed when I go over how much the whole thing will cost? Yeah, my wife.

A nifty commercial for the Juicero has been released. This thing, basically, takes all the hassle out of juicing by serving as a, well, smart juicer. It connects to Wi-Fi, features an ordering application and offers a few juicing options to replace the Goliath you might have sitting on your counter.

Oh, no doubt about it, if you juice and also like tech, this thing is speaking to you in a way your Ninja can’t. Its price speaks louder, though.

The Juicero is only selling in California right now. It’s going for $699. Its packs can only be used once, and they must be used in like six days. Their price? Between $4-$10. People who juice do it daily, so this gets pricey super fast.

But, hey, it’s cool. If you’re into healthy living and have some spare scratch, check out the Juicero. My wife will stick with more analog means.

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