Latest Windows 10 update fixes Edge issue, comes with change log

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Microsoft has rolled out its latest Windows 10 update, fixing an issue with private browsing mode inside its own Edge application. The update also comes with a change log, making it easy for users to find out exactly what’s included.

You may remember the Edge issue — especially if you’ve become a regular user — which causes the browser to keep a record of all the websites you visit using InPrivate mode. It is supposed to keep your browsing habits under wraps, but it didn’t.

Microsoft confirmed this was a problem, and not the way InPrivate mode was designed to work, and in its latest Windows 10 update, the software giant rectifies it. It has also fixed problems with update installations, simultaneous app installs, and lots more.

The reason we know all this is because Microsoft is finally publishing change logs for its Windows 10 updates. Until now, it was just rolling them out and not actually telling users what the update was for. Understandably, lots of fans weren’t happy about that.

Microsoft has listened, so we should see change logs for all Windows 10 updates going forward. If you’d like to read through the latest, you can find it via the source link below, while the update itself is available through Windows Update on your PC.

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