Here are the stupid ways people died taking selfies in 2015

Stop taking selfies. It’s dangerous. Not only does it ruin your social status because people are tired of looking at your sad mug, but it also might kill you. Alright, I kind of like your face, but listen to these crazy death stats from 2015, which show that selfies can be dangerous.

According to Priceonomics‘ Zachary Crockett, who researched the number of Darwin Award-worthy people around the world who died from selfie-related incidents, there are a few things one could have done in 2015 that were safer than taking a selfie.

Only 17 people died climbing Mount Everest, for example, while just 12 people died playing American Football. 8 died in shark attacks and two lost their lives to vending machines. The total selfie-related deaths, meanwhile, tied skateboarding at 28 lost souls.

More dangerous things? Bee stings (58 people), airplane crashes (513 people) and erotic asphyxiation (625.)

The most deaths occurred in India (19), followed by Russia (7) and the United States (5). A majority of people met their fate while taking a selfie and accidentally plunging to their deaths (16), another 14 died drowning and 8 people were hit by trains. Gunshot deaths (4), grenades (2), plane crashes (2), car crashes (2) and animals (1) rounded out the selfie-related death scenarios.

Really scratching my head why car crashes was so low, but I suppose we’re lucky.

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