LG’s new foldable display is mind-bendingly flexible

lg foldable display

LG‘s been showing off flexible displays for a few years already, but the company’s latest version is really blowing our minds. The South Korean firm announced a new 18-inch OLED display that rolls up like a newspaper on Monday ahead of CES.

Beyond the rollable display, the company also has plenty of new OLED designs to show off. That includes massive 65-inch and 77-inch UHD OLED TVs. LG also revealed a paper-thin 55-inch display with the electric circuits installed separately, and a 55-inch double-sided screen capable of showing different images on each side.

In the LCD department, the company revealed a new borderless display. LG also announced a 25-inch curved LCD meant for installation inside cars, along with a smaller 10.3-inch version that works if you’re wearing gloves while driving.

LG will be showing all this and more later in the week once CES really kicks off, and we’ll be sure to swing by the company’s booth for a closer look if we get a chance. We can’t wait to check out that rollable display for ourselves.

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