LG’s new TV repels mosquitoes – Yes, seriously

Picture it: you roll your TV out to the back porch, toss on the baseball game and fall asleep. You wake up covered in mosquito bites, the game long over, your body slowly swelling. The itching begins to set in. This doesn’t need to happen, not if you own LG’s latest TV that’s capable of repelling mosquitoes. I’m not kidding, though the purpose of the TV is much more serious than preventing you from a few bites during a backyard snoozefest.

LG’s new TV, the “LG 32LG52D,” is meant to repel mosquitoes in an effort to fight Zika, dengue and malaria, which can be spread through mosquito bites. The first TV with the special “Mosquito Away Technology” is launching in India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, according to a report from Reuters. It uses special ultrasonic waves to keep the pesky insects at bay and is already employed in other LG products such as washing machines and air conditioners.

The TV will range in price from $394 on the low end to $706 for a high-end option, Reuters explained. Folks in mosquito-heavy areas should still use other precautions to keep the insects away, this is just another deterrent. Hey, LG, how about adding Mosquito Away Technology into smartphones, too?

Ugh, just writing this article made me super itchy.

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